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Such online groups could share online resources, email campaigns, and databases. Extranets are used to speed up communication with marketing and sales personnel from every participating firm worldwide. Lastly online preselling could make consumers more at ease and comfortable. Preselling entail techniques that would make buyers feel more important. These simple and manual techniques most of the time work wonders. Optimize your online site so it could load more quickly. Most Internet users are impatient and are not willing to wait for sites to download. Do not assume that online users are all using DSL or broadband connection. There are still many who are using 56k dial-up connections. Leverage Online Preselling Using Video Advertising experts estimate that about three in every four young adults and six out of 10 adults in the United States are regularly watching and downloading online videos. The implication is that online videos have really reached the mainstream audience. Thus, marketers and advertisers logically migrate to the Internet for effective preselling and advertising campaigns. When you establish that connection with your online readers, you are attaining the power and capability to presell. If you manage to make readers feel and think that you are a reliable friend instead of a greedy entrepreneur who desperately needs money, then you are ready for preselling. As a friend of your online readers, you could provide information, tips, and recommendations that they would find credible, useful, and helpful. You would be surprised that no matter how competitive the online arena is for both advertisers and businesses, Websites usually help out each other in establishing links to potential customers. In return, when other sites ask links from you, return the favor so you could maintain the harmonious co-existence with peers in the online industry. Be an avid collector of testimonials simply because they are so powerful. Sprinkle them all over your site, but never in one grouping. These testimonials do not have to be from customers alone. Get some from industry experts, well-known personalities and other celebrities (only from those who can give them out for free). 

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