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What's the Difference Between an RFO and Preselling House? (FAST)

You could produce preselling and advertising content and incorporate it into rich media format. Many online marketers attest that such a strategy is almost always effective. This way, your prospective buyers could be more interested and engaged. Borderless videos These online video products have many forms like video presentations, video banner ads, video headers, product demonstrations, video ads, FAQs, Webmercials and virtual spokespersons. you can find these in newspapers, blogs, etc. You can also ask people for feedback or user experience. Ask on Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Askville, MyLot.com and other sites. Do not forget to quote your sources. Show SUPPORTING DATA These would include bestseller lists, top 10 things, reviews, as-seen-on-TV, etc. One strategy that might work is NOT to send traffic directly to your affiliate website. (You will do what thousands of others are already doing.) Truth in advertising The better plan is to create a pre-sell web page. In the site, you can start a discussion on the pros and cons of your represented product. Defensive mode When a person opens your site and all he sees inside are hard-sell approaches, that person will get out of your site in less than thirty seconds. How would you react yourself if all you see around in a site are banners and more banners, sales pitches, lighted blinking ads, and an array of links, etc. Solicit customer reviews, testimonials, consumer reports and trade reviews. These are good promotional materials that could persuade other online readers to buy products and services through your Website. Strategize through online eyeflow. Several research initiatives have found that online visitors usually scan first the upper left area. While it is true that online sites with video features utilize greater Web page space and file sizes, making the venues longer to open and download into screens, many such Websites further gain popularity with faster connection speed. The use of broadband Internet helps accelerate download speeds of video pages. 

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