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As soon as the ice is broken, so to speak, your visitor is now in a receptive stage. With a changed mentality, their defensive anti-sales pitch guard is now all down. They are now ready and receptive for the advertiser s sales page. Product focus There are two important factors to remember to effectively pre-sell to your visitors. This means actively seeking high-quality preselling web content. A defensive approach would be one where you would put up a page that begs the reader to buy from you, whichever way it is couched in sales jargon and all that. Fact to consider: Benefits, features, testimonials are all good to have on a sales page. Awareness and sales A 2006 study conducted by online ad server DoubleClick found that advertising online using videos is becoming a popular medium of choice in driving consumers awareness and eventually, actual sales. The number of companies and businesses taking advantages of online video advertising has grown strongly through the years. Once they are directed to the sales page, they would go on automatic mode and purchase what the marketer wants. The old belief was that visitors looking for information on widgets , gets redirected and landed on a widget -related site will automatically be carried away by several on-page ads and purchase away what he needed. Some writers use testimonials from consumers and product and services users who are openly narrating and relating how the merchandise has really and effectively helped them. This strategy is usually highly effective and has been proven to make wonders. If you want to produce an instant rapport or connection with your readers, it would be advisable if you would hit on the personal note. People always log on to the Internet for many purposes. People search information and entertainment through it. That is why almost all businesses are ramping up their presence in the online media. If you have an online business or if you are aiming to presell products and services through your own Website, it would be advisable to make the site as organized and as informative as possible. 

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