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PRESELLING: OREAN PLACE | 📍 Vertis North Quezon City

Circulate newsletters that are distributed through email. It has been proven that online consumers are most of the time convinced to buy products advertised through newsletters. Solicit customer reviews, testimonials, consumer reports and trade reviews. These are good promotional materials that could persuade other online readers to buy products and services through your Website. You can customize it any which way you want. You cannot do it with an affiliate page simply because you are not directly hosting it. You can get your visitors to interact with you in so many ways if you customize your page. Today, some of the best ways of doing it includes video, audio, blogging comments and many other things. ) Taken together with the other affiliate marketing laws , this is the most important. Defensive mode When a person opens your site and all he sees inside are hard-sell approaches, that person will get out of your site in less than thirty seconds. How would you react yourself if all you see around in a site are banners and more banners, sales pitches, lighted blinking ads, and an array of links, etc. The Internet now serves as a venue where people find products and services they need. Now, people could shop without leaving their homes. What is Squidoo? Well, the service is just one of those new and fast popularizing Internet sites that offer services to online users. Like all the other new Web sites, there are many new and exciting features of Squidoo that make it outstanding compared to other Web sites. People want to learn something, or they are looking for some help with a problem or some other answers to some questions they have. For someone looking for information and being bombarded with sales pitches all over the site is one very unpleasant experience. Attention and trust Instead of presenting them with what you want to sell, present them with the information they have been seeking. The reason is that most products are not ends in themselves, but rather they (or most of them) were developed as a means to acquire specific benefits. Giving them the blueprint outright makes your visitors go for the product because they would want to put to use whatever it is they learned. Superiority Another excellent preselling tool would be offering tips on some other market research methods, and make sure how your product is superior to others. 

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