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Blogs are popular as a means of gaining decent visitor volume, which is necessary to attract advertisers (leading to ad income). Many Websites are specifically developed, made and posted to directly presell and sell products and services. However, not all online endeavors succeed. There are still many online sites that are not showing progress in terms of earning revenues, either through ads or direct sales. Through posting contributions to the Web site, you would be entitled to 50% of revenues that could be produced when people get to view and read your output. Ads would be posted within the page where your article is posted within Squidoo. By merely having unique visitors read your article, you already are earning a little amount. Through preselling, the mindsets of prospective consumers are opened are set to consider buying products and services. You could presell more effectively if you would follow these three easy and simplified steps on how you could catch online consumers attention. 1. Strive to know your target consumers first. The probability that Website visitors would click play and replay buttons is twice higher compared to the probability that the same Internet users would click standard GIF and JPG ad formats. Without much ado, anyone could easily conclude that video ad click rates are much greater than standard image format ads. The most popular and useful borderless videos today are the virtual spokespersons, also called Flash spokespersons, walk on videos and Website spokespersons. There are many ways on how borderless videos consistently increase online customer action, which is the basic intention of preselling. First, there is positive response or feedback from such users. Doing so could effectively facilitate an ideal organic search position. Take note that most old video encoding programs do not result to optimized video content. Thus, stick to the most current versions. Lastly, know what you want your audience to do after watching the video content in your Website. Do you want them to fill out forms, go to recommended site, rate the video, respond to a poll, forward the video to friends or buy products and services? 

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