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If you are talking to single mothers and your site is all about teaching single mothers how to work from home, you can talk about dealing with kids, laundry, lunch with the girls, finding babysitters for the night and many more. Once the single moms can relate to you, they will accept the solution you offer them without much resistance. The main purpose in the old days was to establish trust and rapport with your prospects. However, in an online relationship today, that history of prior contact with prospects is not essential anymore in effective preselling. Your visitors will be your friends after interacting with them in your blog or email newsletter. Everyday, there are millions of online users surfing the World Wide Web, watching videos, shopping and doing research. Thus, there are now more Websites that are competing against each other to attract attention and get patronage of consumers. It is just logical that marketers and Website owners seek ways to make traffic and conversion rates higher. Affiliate recommendations You may sprinkle some affiliate recommendations on your content, but be careful not to go overboard. Three to five links will do the job and will keep the reader focused on what you want them to do. If you have too many options for an answer, chances are, you will not get any. Instead, it could be the key to your online marketing success. So what exactly is preselling? People browse the Internet for information. Generally, they go online not to buy anything. They just search for information they need or facts that could help not just their selves but also their relatives or friends. Thus, including and featuring lively and appropriate videos into your Website could really bolster the effectiveness and popularity of your site. You could more effectively convey ideas and persuade prospective clients to buy or subscribe to your products or services. Indeed, adding videos to your site could be a worthwhile and practical strategy to boost volume and help your site achieve its purpose (which could be to presell). 

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