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Marketers and newspaper publishers had established give and take relationships wherein the marketer provided income and newspapers facilitated a venue for reaching people. In the later years, such form of preselling evolved and marketers were asked to pay fees for the ad placement. Nowadays, the scope of such a strategy has truly widened with the emergence and continuing popularity of the Internet. Preselling is important because this would mean that your customer is ready to purchase even before seeing the affiliate sales page. Setting the stage The majority of preselling is done from the affiliate s own website, but it can be carried out in a lot of ways. There might be banners on their website, but this strategy alone will not work as preselling. Write a PRODUCT REVIEW. The review would include details about the product, your own thoughts about it (which includes, of course, your personal recommendations), who it is ideal for, and details on where to get it. Good product reviews should include a personal story, which could focus on why you chose to buy and use it, and why you are glad you did. When people click on ad buttons and transact or actually buy products and services from the page, you could stand to earn more from commissions. Other than that, Squidoo is also widely used as a popular Internet preselling tool. How could that be possible? If you are into Internet marketing, you could write any article to promote or convince people to check out and buy your merchandise and services. As much as possible, make the most significant messages the banners or headliners. Online users usually scroll down for content, but information found on top of pages is usually retained more in their memory. If you are preselling a product, make the offer direct but in a creative way. Put the best offers that customers will surely not be able to easily refuse. Your duty is to bring out complementary information or something first-hand about the product, aspects and specifications that are not found in the vendor s site. This is done by way of reviews or product comparison. Product use Another very strong presell tactic is promoting the use of the product in a new light or approach. 

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