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More prospective customers would be persuaded to heed the call of action through lively, interesting and convincing Internet videos. Websites could use online videos to convey pivotal information that are needed and searched for by online users. Moving pictures communicate more than thousands of words. The 3 Major Preselling Ingredients In a nutshell, preselling is the art of leading a website visitor to a merchant site or product sales page. Added to this, of course, would be that to lead the visitors to where you intend them is the real art. Since the early days of affiliate marketing, the industry had taken tremendous leaps to what it is today. Presenting honest information (meaning the good and the not-so-good qualities of a product or products) can boost the site s credibility. With credibility comes trust from the visitors. Also, rather than giving links in forums, emails and chat rooms (which is dangerously close to spamming), it is better to sign posts with links to the preselling page instead. Contrast When people look for information on a specific product or service, they are looking for reasons why they should or should not buy one product over the other. Say, for instance, a gamer is looking into two game consoles, and cannot make up his mind which of the two he wants. Give him a review where the two products are thoroughly compared. Affiliate recommendations You may sprinkle some affiliate recommendations on your content, but be careful not to go overboard. Three to five links will do the job and will keep the reader focused on what you want them to do. If you have too many options for an answer, chances are, you will not get any. The probability that Website visitors would click play and replay buttons is twice higher compared to the probability that the same Internet users would click standard GIF and JPG ad formats. Without much ado, anyone could easily conclude that video ad click rates are much greater than standard image format ads. 

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