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) Benefits Most affiliate sales pages are well-written, all designed to help get the sale. However, they sometimes turn their content into a hard-sell. One effective approach is to talk about the product s features. Afterwards, you can hammer in how the visitors can benefit directly. People may be interested in features, but they make a decision to buy based on benefits. The key to the writing is the explanation of the problem, presentation of the solution that solved the problem and finally, the description of the positive results. Emotions Most sites have the common mistake of presenting boring specifications and data in describing their product. Compelling descriptions, colorful imagery these are just some tools in making your copy come alive. A balanced review is more believable than a lop-sided one. Experience A review of a product where the reviewer used his personal experiences is far more interesting (and powerful) than a general one. In your review you talk about your own personal experience. It comes out having more heart than the general polite review. What proofs should be looked at to further justify the effectiveness of online video advertising? First, several online behavior studies conclude that Internet readers and surfers are more likely to click Play buttons than image ads. The probability that Website visitors would click play and replay buttons is twice higher compared to the probability that the same Internet users would click standard GIF and JPG ad formats. In your visitor s shoes Putting yourself in your visitor s shoes will make you an impartial critic to your own site. Is your site difficult to navigate? Do all the links work? Are there enough useful and suitable content to make your visitor happy? If your site passes all tests, it is now ready to recommend advertisers to its visitors. Visitor s needs Contrary to what comes to mind right away when questioned, most people do not look for products or services on the Internet. They look for information. They may need information on managing their time, not a time management software. They might need information on how to file a divorce, not a divorce attorney. 

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