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Preselling is all about making your online visitors like you. It is all about how you establish yourself as a reliable and worthy expert in the perception of your readers. You should not make yourself look like a salesperson. Online consumers are usually allergic to such professionals. But they always trust whom they could refer to as friends or experts in specific subjects. You might sound too smart and your friend might feel too dumb. The main aim is to actually be a friend to your visitor. Share your problems if you have to, and talk how you got out, what you did that helped, and probably some helping products, too whatever. Since you are talking , you are essentially presenting yourself as you are, your unique persona, and your individuality. Preselling is how you make your visitors like you and not be a stranger. Preselling is establishing yourself as an expert in the eyes of your visitors. Preselling is why they think you are their friend, not a salesperson. Ultimately, preselling will enable you to sell successfully. Preselling is everything you do to create an open-to-buy mindset in the minds of your visitors. Pre-selling is conditioning your customers to purchase the product you are promoting. It means setting the stage for selling. The key to this is to initially develop the relationship with the prospect. At first, you have to keep from emphasizing the product so much. If you start selling to a new prospect, the first reaction would be a total turn-off. You should start by first doing your homework through conducting a research to find out the preferences and dislikes of specific consumer population within every target country. Of course, global Internet preselling initiatives should address issues and concerns regarding different languages, regulations, and cultures. Unique content Your site or blog must have a unique content, and not just like any other cookie cutter look, feel, and content. Content, especially. People are already jaded with sites that have the same old information, E-zines that republish articles, websites that redo what's already been done. What catches attention (loyalty and profits) are those sites that have their own voices, with fresh ideas, and original. 

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